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Take some time for yourself! For a stay based on relax and wellness. The offer includes a daily half day Egoista SPA access with our wellness itinerary: Finnish Sauna, Turkish Bath, Russian Banja, emotional showers with aroma and chromo therapy, ice cascade, tea corner and heated pool with idro- jets. The promotion includes also a daily SPA credit voucher of 120,00 Euro per person forfeited not combined with other vouchers to discover the wide range of treatments and massages. Breakfast and taxes to be added.

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Detox Package's Offer

The main aim of the DETOX program is to purify and to stimulate a skin regeneration. Revitalizing and draining treatments that  will help you to take away toxins from your body and make you feel healthier and with your skin restored , more  tonic and bright. All the treatments use the highest technologies and equipments of the last generation, which will provide you visible effects already from the first session. You will definitely see and feel the results in your body. Scrub with salt from Himalaya in combination with draining massages and wrappings from the  mixed sea 's plants, will help to purify and stimulate the lymphatic system. The combination of these treatments accelerate the metabolism and the process of fat lipolysis.

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Re-Energizing Package

Energize with our new wellness program. The key to maintaining good health is balance, which sounds easy, but can be difficult in practice.Too often, balance becomes disrupted by sleep deprivation, poor nutrition or sacrificing the gym to put in more late nights at the office. Sometimes, all you need is a quick weekend away in an inspiring setting to put your body back on the right track. The relax and recharge package focuses on regenerative and energizing process to release  your energy and make you feel better. Natural products in combination with the  expertise of our therapists assure you an exclusive experience in order to get closer to yourself and regain energy.

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Relax Package

In a quickly changing world we are always busy with huge amount of responsibilities and sometimes do not have time for ourselves. It makes us exhausted and stressed and could lead to chronic tiredness. EGOISTA Spa wants to offer you a program  that focuses on relax and wellness in a special atmosphere that help our guests to achieve the balance between body and mind and collect the healing energies.  A soft and delicate wrapping, tecniques of aroma therapy that will help you to relax. Our therapists with gentle movements relax the muscles and awake your senses in a total wellbeing.

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