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For absolute well-being, treat yourself to the brand new Egoista Spa wellness program: a true space of well-being to be experienced in absolute refinement and elegance.

Opening hours

From 10 am to 7.30 pm 

Reservation required.

+39 0584 783621


Finnish sauna

Steam bath

Ice room

Emotiona showers

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal cabin where to unwind, reduce stress, strengthen the airways, relax your muscles and oxygenate your tissues. 
The dry and intense heat embraces mind and body, purifying and reinvigorating both. The temperature, which reaches 80-100°C, envelops the body in a regenerating embrace, while the wood conveys an intense and strong sensory experience. The humidity doesn’t normally exceed 10-20%, except when water is poured on the hot stones of the stove.  

The Finnish sauna has countless psycho-physical benefits:
- it reduces stress and anxiety
- it favours the elimination of metabolic waste and excess fluids
- it serves as actual passive cardiovascular training 
- it favours the immune defence
 - it stimulates tissue oxygenation 
- it helps the regulation of blood pH, paramount to prevent infections 
- it promotes muscle recovery 
 - it favours the drainage of excess lactate
- it stimulates the production of endorphins 

Steam room

The intensity of heat and the lightness of the steam combine to create the steam room, a regenerating oasis of absolute psycho-physical well-being. Air, steam and scented fragrances combine and gently rest on the skin, making natural exfoliation easier and increasing perspiration. The temperature of 45°C and the humidity rate of 98% relax the body naturally, favouring the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Here are the benefits: 
- it allows in-depth cleansing of the skin
- it softens the respiratory tract 
- it elicits profound psycho-physical relaxation 
- it makes skin more elastic   

Ice room

Ice Room is the ideal solution to regenerate the body after exposure to the intense heat of the Finnish sauna.
The cold temperature inside the cabin, in synergy with the ice crystals inside the basin, is ideal for promoting the rebalancing of body temperature and contributing to the completion of the wellness experience.
While sitting or standing, the ice is appropriately massaged over the entire body starting from the feet and moving up towards the nape of the neck.

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